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April 22nd, 2017    

⚡️The ComicBolt’s “The Heroic Box” 📦🤖(Ep. I): “Mutants.”



POWERED by ComicsBolt and BROUGHT TO YOU by the Heroes And Coffee Podcast, comes the FIRST episode of The Heroic Box–hosted by Chris Da Inglorious Geek.


This Week’s Box, Chris shares with listenres some HEROIC suggestions on merchandise–from Movies and TOYS based on the theme: "Mutants."

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April 19th, 2017    

The Lex Factor Show Retrospective (Ep. #47): The Alien Franchise Pt.1

Grettings, Lex & Tyler travel to LV-426 and talk about the Alien Movies in part one of this new installment of The Lex Factor Show. Come listen as they talk about the movie that started it all, and up to the 3rd movie. Who knows, they might run into a Xenomorph.



April 17th, 2017    

Points Of Interest LIVE from The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 featuring The Real Peter Griffin

The Ninja StarShip, Back When We Were Interesting, An Elegant Weapon and Two J's Later come together at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 and run into the real Peter Griffin.




April 17th, 2017    

A Critical Moment of Awesome - Sincere Sarcasm Dot Net

You've made it! Here on a Critical Moment of Awesome, Dave the Drummer and Francis, aka The Other Guy, discuss some changes to the whole shin dig. Afterward it's all about anime, cartoons, Adventure Time, Regular Show, movie trailers, IT, clowns, cannibalism, Furry conventions, sausage stealing, and so much more.

Some things change, and some things stay the same, and it's all happening, this week, on Crit Mo.



April 13th, 2017    

The Lex Factor Presents: Gamer Corner (Ep. #9) Game Localization & Not So Great Special Editions

In this new installment of Gamer Corner, The Gaming Duo of Lexy & Tyler Talk about games that has been localized in the U.S., and not so grest special editions that people pre orderd from: Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon. Also They talk about some the games that they picked up from retro gaming stores, thrift stores, and pawn shops.  



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April 8th, 2017    

The Lex Factor WrestleMania 33 Recap

Your boy Lex Noil and new panelist of The Lex Factor Show Lexi MacLeod! On this new installment of The Lex Factor, They talk about what went down on Wrestlemania 33 2017. They tlak about every match that was on the card and talk about all the moments that happend on the show. Plus they talk about the main event between Roman Reigns and The Undertaker. 


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April 7th, 2017    

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #56): The Last Stand Of Weapon X (Pt. I)!

DISCLAIMER: There were some audio issues during the latest podcast episode. Sorry, listeners. We hope you still enjoy. - Phoenix







For The Blend:

Phoenix Da Nerdette and Chris Da Inglorious talks about the latest Justice League and Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailers for "The Blend."

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April 4th, 2017    

Alcohol Cinema Episode 87 - The Jerk (1979)

The one about a Jerk. The boys review another Steve Martin favorite. Abel returns, and spoils the fun.




April 3rd, 2017    

The Lex Factor Show’s Special (Ep. #46): What Did You Miss About The 90’s? Pt.2

Round 2 of this sweet podcast special about what you miss about the 90's with your boy Lex Noil with new panelist of The Lex Factor Show Kodi & Lexi! They talk about more stuff about what miss bout the 90s: The Wonder Ball candy, Tamagotchi, movies and sitcoms. We hope that this episode of The Lex Factor Show is WICKED TIGHT!!!



March 31st, 2017    

The Lex Factor Show’s Special (Ep. #45): What Did You Miss About The 90’s? Pt.1

Lex is by himself on this brand new special episode of 2017 of The Lex Factor Show. He is joined by returning guests Kodi & Lexi! They talk about what they miss about the 90's from: candies, tv shows, cartoons, and wrestling, and video games. If you are feeling nostalgic or feel like laughing up a storm, then come listen to them take you down memory lane on this brand new episode.



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