Drunk On Comics Episode 211

Tony Derek and Linz had a tough time searching for industry news this week.  With San Diego Comic Con around the corner, many tidbits will be coming out shortly.  We did have a nice interruption from the creators of Man Vs. Rock to talk about what they are planning with comic con.  The group is all hoping to get some free swag sent their way form them as well as talked a bit of what they are looking forward to at the convention.

Man Vs. Rock also interrupted Tony’s review of Civil War II #3 which he was able to get right back in without losing a beat.  Derek talked some Rebirth again with Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps Rebirth #1 and where this book fits in the overall timeline.   There is so much going on with DC and their books, it is only a waiting game to see how the Corps fit into this new world that has been created.

Booze and a Book was Kong Of Skull Island #1 paired with a Donkey Kong, which consists of 4 oz of 99 bananas (or similar banana flavored liqueur ) 2 oz of coconut vodka or rum, and 12 oz of Cola.





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