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June 13th, 2016    

Drunk on Comics Episode 204: Interview with Bob Salley

In this episode, Tony, Linz, and Derek chat with Bob Salley, creator of the blue collar sci-fi comic Salvagers. This interview hit the ground running, and many topics were covered, including information on the writing process, working with an international team, and, of course, what alcohol pairs best with this series! You can find Salvagers on Comixology, on Facebook, or if you prefer print at http://salvagers.bigcartel.com/







May 18th, 2016    

Drunk on Comics Podcast 200: Self Titled 200th Episode Extravaganza

Well, we finally did it and reached a new milestone with the crazy podcast that was started in a bar over drinks and talking comic books.  Although we are way beyond 200 podcasts with all the interviews and special editions, what we have numbered so far is 200 episodes of the most fun times we have had with each other recording for an our of our love of all things nerdy.

This episode was going to have some special people who have helped us out over the years stopping by while recorded and then take off for the next “guest” but as with most things involving booze and well, us not being the best of planners, what we got is many people sticking around for the entire show to get a word in on a variety of topics.  We had Tony as always, along with Linz and Derek (who showed up late)  as well as the original group of the show consisting of Old Derek, Kevin and a phone call from Matt.   We also had Devin and Travis from Snake Oil Comics Podcast, Jay from An Elegant Weapon Podcast and Jimmy from The Ninja Starship Podcast.  Also a special message (as well as a plug for his new book) from Dirk Manning.

With the change up a bit in format as well as members of the group coming and going (Derek branching out on his own with his podcast Comic Pros and Cons, Kevin and Matt doing family stuff), we plan on still being the source for all your interesting and booze filled conversations of the comic book industry and beyond.  With great pride in covering small independent creators,  talking about different beers,  a convention or three, and anything that we find interesting, our focus as always been on making a show as if you were in the room having a drink with us.  Here is to the future with more to come from Drunk on Comics.






May 12th, 2016    

Drunk On Comics Episode 199 - Backyard Barbecue Civil War

Drunk on Comics Podcast 199: Backyard Barbecue Civil War – Linz, Matt and Adam managed to get together this week for some for a little Civil War pre-movie discussions.  Well, Linz and Adam planned to get together, Matt had to be pod-bombed.  It had been a while since he had been on, so we thought the best way to keep him from getting rusty was to go to his house.  There we had some delicious food and beer and great nerdy discussion.

Since Matt had been MIA for a while, he wanted to talk about all the great comic related TV shows that have been on lately.  He shared something about Lucifer that not everyone was ready to hear.  Then, with some BBQ guests, they chatted about their expectations about Captain America: Civil War and whose side they were on.

Then they went to the movie.  No Booze and Book this week, but you can go see Captain America and then go drink to how great the movie was (spoiler).

After the movie, everyone came together to chat about what they thought.  If you have not seen the movie yet, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PART OF THE PODCAST.  There will be spoilers.  There.  That was your warning,  What you do after this is entirely up to you.








April 13th, 2016    

Drunk on Comics Podcast 195: Best Little Whorehouse in the Midwest

Tony Derek and Linz started way off topic this week. Like most things that happen in the studio, the conversations sometimes don’t always revolve around comics. This week started with rodents then the fears of the team. Tony chimed in with super powers talking to spiders, and how that would help. But they eventually got into the review of one of the funniest books they have read, The Fix #1.

This book has everything going for it to make it a hit and the way each facet of the story reveals itself to the reader really pushes the need to know more. It has great art and a compelling story with interesting characters, as well as having many jokes to keep the reader laughing. Speaking of characters, each one comes with their own hilarious nuances, which the team gets a bit into, but really needs to be read to fully understand. The final reveal of the antagonist to the dynamic duo is so out of left field, it sums up everything that this book has to offer.

The new trailer of Star Wars was revealed giving a glimpse of what Rouge Squadron will be like. That it set off a tangent from multiple other specifics the group wants to see in the movie as well as women roles in movies. Some other fun news is an indie alternative to Free Comic Book Day as well as the petition to see who Negan killed with Lucille.

Booze and a Book was Black Panther #1 paired with a Perrin Black.






April 6th, 2016    

Drunk on Comics Episode 194 : I Can’t Even

Derek, Tony, and Linz are back again for some more drunken shenanigans. And although Tony is sad about not pulling any pranks this past April Fool’s Day, he is happy to be back in the studio recording with some of his good friends. And this episode starts on a low note with some thoughts of Batman V Superman. We got really in depth with the series Klaus. More specifically, we talked about issues 1-4 of this 7 part series. Exploring a story which is about the origins of Santa Clause is something the group can get behind.

The group also talked about some Suicide Squad news, along with with some great problems Valiant is having with the many printings of their comic Faith.

Booze and a Book was X-Men ’92 #1 paired with a Zima, another 90s staple.





March 27th, 2016    

Drunk On Comics Episode 193 : Reminiscing at The Bar

C2E2 has come and gone, but we were able to talk a bit about some of the fun we had. Derek and Tony are joined by Jay of An Elegant Weapon, Jimmy from The Ninja Starship, and Derek from Comic Pros and Cons podcasts on the last day of the convention while sitting at their favorite place: the bar.

The group also sat down with Will Jones, an artist trying to make it into the comic book scene. Will used to frequent the GameStop where Derek used to manage. He brought some new insight on what the process is like, and tried to help us out when we describe the art in the pages of the books we love.








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