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February 27th, 2017    

Con Wiz Ep 10 - Rebecca of RAD CosPlay

This week, We welcome a CosPlay Guest.  Representing RAD CosPlay, is Rebecca Ann!

Rebecca had attended Katsucon - We start with where she started in CosPlay, Her Non-Profit Organization she runs with Fiance - Cap For Kids.  She gives us a recap of what to expect at Katsucon, and we talk about the - GummieGate - situation over the weekend.  As always we finish up with a list of the upcoming Comic Con Conventions around the world, and a touch of what show we are attending soon!


RAD CosPlay - Rebeccan Ann

Cap For Kids - We believe that if we can bring cheer to children who are fighting cancer, while reducing the family's financial burdens, we give the kids a better chance.





January 24th, 2017    

Con Wiz Ep 9 - Jeff Burns

Francis and Josh are back with their First episode of 2017 - They brought with them, Special Guest, Jeff Burns of Super Geeked Up - To chat about their time together at SDCC 2016 and what Jeff is up to this year with his new projects.

Of course the boys run through some of the upcoming shows, and some detail into their upcoming shows they're attending.

Here are some of Jeff's links he speaks about in the episode!

Super Knocked Up on Amazon: bit.ly/SuperKnockedUp
Follow the links to see what your Hosts are up to when not #MakingPod

November 15th, 2016    

Con Wiz Ep 08 - LA Comic Con and Rocky Mountain Con

Francis and Josh recap their time at LA Comic Con and Rocky Mountain Con - 

Francis talks about his time at the panels of the show, who and what he saw.  How Elvira doesn't have a spot at the now re-named show.

Josh speaks about hwo he did have a voice at Rocky Mountain Con - Who he met, but was unable to have a chat with.  His look at what its like being at a Convention, and unable to speak to anyone.

This also closes out Season 1 of Con-Wiz.  Next episode is a recap of the year.


October 16th, 2016    

Con Wiz Ep 007 - Nan Desu Kan and Long Beach Comic Con

In this Episode, Francis and Josh chat about their respective time at Long Beach Comic Con and Nan Desu Kan.

Both your Hosts return to Conventions they're both familiar with. 

First up, Josh spent a day at Nan Desu Kan's 20th Anniversary Celebration.  He had a chance to participate in a round table with Johnny Yong Bosch and his band, Eye Shine.  Josh also had the Honor of sitting down with Chris Patton, and they have a great chat about Voice Acting.

Francis also returned to a familiar Convention, Long Beach Comic Con - Where he took in the sights for a while - Voice Actors, Comic Creators and more!

The Boys also speak about the final shows they have coming up to close the year out.  Also plan for early 2017 shows.  

Contact Your Hosts!


August 15th, 2016    

CON-ventional Wisdom Ep 006

In this Episode, Frnacis and Josh recap their San Diego Comic Con International experience.  

This was an amazing experience, that was made possible by Jeff Burns of Super Geeked Up and Shelley Rossell from Back When We Were Interesting.

Listen in as the boys tell you the tale of walking into the CW Press Junket for the TV show, Arrow.  Or how they walked right into the famed Hall H like they owned it, during the WB Panel.  

July 10th, 2016    

CON-ventional Wisdom Ep 005


This Episode, Francis and Josh have POI Member and Host of The Ninja Starship Podcast - Jimmy McKnight on to talk about the Conventions we have been to this past month or so.

In this Episode, we cover Denver Comic Con 2016 and The Las Vegas Comic Con!

Francis and Josh also spill the beans on their plans for San Diego Comic Con 2016 and a look forward into the month of July/August as continue to cover Comic Cons all over the Country!

June 19th, 2016    

Denver Comic Con Day 2 Recap

Francis and Josh's Day 2 adventures from Denver Comic Con 2016 continues as the boys met up with the rest of the POI Crew that's attending DCC2016 and attack from all angles.  Che went to Katie Sackhoff and Carl Urban's Spotlight Panels - Che and Francis saw Hayley Atwell's Spotlight - Josh went to the Karate Kid Spotlight

There's one more day, and more content to come!

June 18th, 2016    

Denver Comic Con Day 1 Recap

Denver Comic Con Day 1 Recap - 

Francis and Josh talk about their Day 1 impressions and some of what is to come for the rest of the weekend. Finding where people were, making contacts, meeting up with other POI Hosts and setting up interviews for the weekend where on the agenda for their day.  



June 10th, 2016    

CON-ventional Wisdom Ep 004

Welcome Back to CON-ventional Wisdom!

This month we welcome Jeff Burns from Super Geeked Up to tell us all about Albany Comic Con and what the Super Geeked Up Crew is up to.
We also welcome Shelley Rossell from Back When We Were Interesting to share her thoughts on the differences between Volunteering and Attending a show as an Attendee.  Also her report on ACBC (Atlantic City Boardwalk Con) as a Member of Press
Finally we wrap up the show with a little talk about Denver Comic Con and what fun we had all 4years the show has been around.  We also chat about POI Members meeting up in Denver for the first time and what it as like having a table at a Convention.

Con-Wiz - We cover shows, so you don't have to!

May 11th, 2016    

CON-ventional Wisdom Ep 003

This Episode Francis and Josh chat up Emerald City Comic Con and The Great Philadelphia Comic Con!

First up - Francis and Josh traveled to Seattle to take over ECCC as Press and meet up with fellow Podcasters, The Wombmates and The Mean Geek and more!

Next is Josh's take on The Great Philadelphia Comic Con. Josh, along with fellow POI Members, Jimmy McKight and Jason Clark join forces to work for, and cover the show!  Great times were had, and Josh has a few highlights to share!
Look for us every month, as we cover the Conventions that we are heading to, and the ones YOU are going to!

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