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November 28th, 2016    

The Lex Factor Presents: Gamer Corner (Ep. #1)

Episode number 1 of Gamer Corner is HERE! Your Boy Lex Noil and  Tyler Touchdown talks about everything about video games, new trailers, video game news, retro games, and underrated games!


November 27th, 2016    

The Dragon Fisters Episode 249: Fire and Freaks

This Episode: The group explores the lower sections of this (more than simply a) mine, and find that the denizens of the darker sections are much more than simple goblins.

Trevor (Tarik), Kelli (Falltu), Besse (Rusk), Dave (Ro'Dash), Al (Harman), Gabby (Shai), & Jesse (Game Master)




November 26th, 2016    

Speech Bubble - Ryan North

Ryan North, the man behind Dinosaur Comics and the writer on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.




November 24th, 2016    

Totally Random #13: Geeks Behaving Madly (Featuring Tyler Touchdown and Lex Noil of The LEXFactor Show.

Phoenix Da Nerdette and Kyle The Marvel Zombie are joined by The LEXFactor Show's Lex Noil and Tyler Touchdown to talk about the melting pot of excrement that of a year that is 2016, and its everlasting stream of disappointments: from the Deaths of David Bowie and Prince, fanboy journalism to cantankerous Presidential Election.

 WARNING: Some audio issues may occur, including clicking noise. We apologize for the inconvenience. 



November 23rd, 2016    

Alcohol Cinema - Days Of Thunder



November 21st, 2016    

Heroes And Coffee: 2016 Comic-Book Movie Review



Phoenix Da Nerdette and Kyle The Marvel Zombie kick back to offer their overall analysis regarding the Comic-Book Movies that were released in 2016.


November 18th, 2016    

An Elegant Weapon Episode CCXX…Dirk Manning



November 18th, 2016    

The Ninja StarShip Episode 71 - Fantasticon



November 18th, 2016    

Drunk On Comics Ep. 229 - Dirk Manning…Again

Writer Dirk Manning returns!




November 15th, 2016    

Con Wiz Ep 08 - LA Comic Con and Rocky Mountain Con

Francis and Josh recap their time at LA Comic Con and Rocky Mountain Con - 

Francis talks about his time at the panels of the show, who and what he saw.  How Elvira doesn't have a spot at the now re-named show.

Josh speaks about hwo he did have a voice at Rocky Mountain Con - Who he met, but was unable to have a chat with.  His look at what its like being at a Convention, and unable to speak to anyone.

This also closes out Season 1 of Con-Wiz.  Next episode is a recap of the year.


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