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September 30th, 2016    

Totally Random #12: Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Guilty Pleasure Flicks, and Generation W, X + Y!

Totally Random is BACK!


Phoenix Da Nerdette and Mama Jo are joined by JesabelRaay to talk about All Things Random, from Guilty Pleasure Flicks, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, Generation W, X + Y, and more!

Follow Jesabel Raay via Twitter: Twitter.com/JesabelRaay



September 29th, 2016    

The Lex Factor Show Special {Episode #31.1): Let’s Take A Stroll Through Castlevania! Part 2

Lex Noil, Tyler Touchdown, and Elizabeth Scroxton are back as they talk more about the Castlevania games. As they see sunlight, they stand tall on the hills as they see the castle crumble.



September 26th, 2016    

The Lemonade Show Episode #13: Get Comfy, Luke Cage is Coming

On this episode "Get Comfy, Luke Cage is Coming", Steph talks about people that like to be mad for all the wrong reasons and Luke Cage Week. 


September 21st, 2016    

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #48): Scott Pilgrim vs The World (w/ Francis TheOtherGuy)!




DISCLAIMER: We had a few technical issues. Hope you guys still enjoy us.



Phoenix Da Nerdette is joined by Francis TheOtherGuy from A Critical Moment Of Awesome to talk about the lovable, yet under-rated film, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, the 2010 Edgar Wright film, based on the Bryan Lee O' Malley series from OniPress


September 19th, 2016    

Lex Factor Show Special (Episode #31):Let’s Take A Stroll Through Castlevania! Part 1

A brand new special of The Lex Factor is here! Lex is join with co-host Tyler Touchdown and guest/fan of The Lex Factor Show: Elizabeth Scroxton. Come as they all talk about their favorite Castlevania games and talk about the history of Castlevania series. But, will they see the next sunlight as they try to survive this bone chilling castle?


September 19th, 2016    

Speech Bubble Ep.27 with Ricky Lima

Welcome to P.O.I The Speech Bubble podcast with Aaron Broverman! Interviewing Toronto's comic book luminaries!

This week Aaron chats with writer Ricky Lima of Deep Sea, Black Hole Hunter's Club and Happily Ever Aftr.

September 16th, 2016    

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #47): There’s NO Justice w/o Sin: Short Commentary on Frank Miller’s “Sin City.” Pt. I


Da Nerdette offers a short commentary on Frank Miller's Sin City, the 2005 film based on the Graphic Novel/Yarns "The Hard Goodbye", "That Yellow Bastard" and "The Big Fat Kill", why the series is misunderstood. 

Phoenix feeling alone about her love for the series, and why certain concepts regarding nudity, violence or other risky ideas can sometimes be off-putting for the mainstream audience, which can lead to films and their source material being highly disregarded or misunderstood.


September 14th, 2016    

Geeks Need Love, Too: A Heroes And Coffee Interview w/ Orie of Project DragonFruit!

Phoenix Da Nerdette interviews Orie Enav, Founder of the NEW, Dating App for Geeks:DragonFruit!
Check out DragonFruit's Dating App site: DragonFruitApp.com
Download the App via iTunes' App Store: 



September 14th, 2016    

The Lemonade Show (w/ Steph I Will): Episode #12

On this latest episode of Lemonade Show: "Sitting and Tears", Steph talk NFL protests, the New York Times, Queen Sugar, Atlanta and more!


September 7th, 2016    

Lex Factor Show (Episode 30): DCEU: What Should Of Happened

Lex Noil and co-host Tyler Touchdown are joined by guest Melissa Star in this very intriguing new episode if the Lex Factor Show. They talk about what WB should of did to the DCEU Movies and how the studio can it bounce back to its former glory.



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