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October 28th, 2015    

Two J’s Later Episode 46

Jay and Josh discuss Canada's newly elected Liberal government and it's plans to federally legalize Marijuana...and the Muppets. Spark 'em up!




October 27th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee (Episode 21): The Best And Worst Of The MCU (Part I)!

Host Phoenix Da Nerdette and Lex Noil (LexFactor Show) are back for a part one of another podcast series. Both chill, sip coffee and talk about the best and worst movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (From Best to Worst).


October 26th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee /Lex Factor Show: Bruh Moments, Suicide Squad, and Chilling.

Phoenix Da Nerdette and Lex Noil chill for another podcast episode: Reactions to Jared Leto's #TheJoker, #SuicideSquad news, and Bruh Moments from LEX NOIL!


October 18th, 2015    

Reactions on #CaptainMarvel, #AntMan sequel News, Legion and Hellfire Club News.

Reactions to Captain Marvel theatrical release delay, Black Panther, TV show news....while Phoenix gets scatter-brained....again.

Da Nerdette hosts another new episode of Comics And Coffee, with co-host Lex Noil and Guest, Gamer Denny Von Doom. 

Due to time limit, we weren't able to discuss the Bad and Worst of the MCU. So, tune in to episode 21.


October 13th, 2015    

Two J’s Later Episode 45

Josh and Jay bring you bright babbling wake and bake. Gooooood Morning!!!


October 5th, 2015    

The LexFactor Show’s Debate Special: Team Anime vs. Team Cartoon

Host Lex Noil and co-host Phoenix Da Nerdette are joined by special guest, Writer for Tabitha The Red and Artist Kay Fey W (@KayFey) and cosplayer Tyler Touchdown Cosplay for The Lex Factor Show's first EVER Debate episode: Team Anime vs Team Cartoon. 

Listen as both Kay (reps Team Anime) and Tyler (Team Cartoon) as some of the most difficult questions in this battle of the geeks

October 2nd, 2015    

Comics And Coffee (Episode 19): MARVEL vs. DC Debaters Challenger

Following the success of Comics And Coffee's MARVEL CIVIL WAR episode (w/ pals Erica Schultz and BatsHeisenberg), a new DEBATE episode is HERE--The ‪#‎MarvelvsDC‬ Debate!

Phoenix Da Nerdette & Co-Host Lex Noil (The LexFactor Show) are joined with special Guests Blacker than Black Times Infinity Host Salim French (A.K.A. @CthulhusProdigy) joining the debater challenger for ‪#‎TeamDCComics‬, along with fellow podcaster, Kevin Veldman of The Comic Noobs Podcast (@Comicnoobsshow), who will join the challenge for ‪#‎TeamMarvel‬!

It's CLOBBERING' TIME....well...sorta.