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May 31st, 2015    

The LexFactor Show Ep. #7: Let’s Talk About MTV

Lex and Phoenix Da Nerdette are joined with guests Andrew Muller and Cassidy "Acyone Song" for a roundtable discussion about the MTV, how it became a pivotal part of Pop-culture throughout the 80s, 90s and 00s, and the artists that became famous from the music channel.


May 31st, 2015    

The LexFactor Show Presents: BRUH #2

Lex & Phoenix give the 'BRUH' to Jem And The Holograms, Big Trouble In Little China, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Konami, & Point Break!


May 31st, 2015    

Two J’s Later Episode 40 LIVE from Denver Comic Con 2015 !

Jay and Josh get together in person for the first time ever to record a very special Two J's Later live from Denver Comic Con 2015. Comics, Cosplay and Cannabis!!!



2JSLogoGreen.jpg dcc15.png



May 29th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee Ep. 12: “Inside The Mind Of A ‪Blerd”‬: An In-DEPTH Interview w/ Jermaine Curtis Dickerson!

Host Phoenix Da Nerdette will be getting inside the mind of fellow blerd, Graphic Designer and Superhero Enthusiast, Jermaine Dickerson. 

They'll discuss their love for superheroes, movies and comics. Plus, we get Jermaine Dickerson's POV on social issues that involves over-sexualization of women in comics and superhero movies, and society's view of women, people of color, and how comic-books can create empowerment for youths.



May 22nd, 2015    

Comics And Coffee (Ep. 11) What Got Us Into Comic-Books, Diversity In Comics, & The ‘Attack Of The Noobs.’

On the 11th episode of Comics And Coffee, Host Phoenix Da Nerdette and co-host Lex Noil (The LEXFactor/ The LEXFACTOR: EXTREME!) chat with guests, Graphic Designer and Superhero enthusiast Jermaine Dickerson and Writer, Illustrator and Anime lover, Kay Fey about Our Introduction To Comics, Noobs and Diversity in Both Comics-Books and Superhero Films



May 18th, 2015    

The LexFactor Show: Let’s Talk About “Mad Max”

Big Boy Lex Noil is joined by co-host Phoenix Da Nerdette of Comics And Coffee for a brand NEW podcast special that is about about the MAD MAX franchise-- with guests cosplayer Tyler Touchdown and Gamer Denny Von Doom.

May 9th, 2015    

Two J’s Later Episode 39

Jay, Josh and a little bit of Jim Cummings.