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December 29th, 2014    

Two J’s Later Episode 30

Two stoners talkin stoner talk. Happy holidays from the Two J's!



December 21st, 2014    

3rd Annual P.O.I Winter Solstice Special

It's that time of year again when hosts from right across the Points of Interest Podcast Network come together to reminisce of the good times past and celebrate the exciting new year to come. Featuring hosts from Back When We Were interesting, An Elegant Weapon, the Dragon Fisters, Comics and Coffee, Speak Geek 2 Me, and  A Critical Moment of Awesome.

From all of us here at the P.O.I family we would like to wish you and yours a very happy holidays and a prosperous new year!



December 15th, 2014    

Comics and Coffee Episode 3 ( Lex Factor 1 )

 The Comics And Coffee Podcast presents: The Lex Factor: Panelist Lex Noils hosts a brand new segment with Da Nerdette, which offers a wide array of topics: including our thoughts on the Suicide Squad cast, and more!



December 3rd, 2014    

Comics And Coffee Episode 2

This episode hosts Phoenix and Mistress of Evil Sheryl are joined by Journalist Edie Nugent for a good, old fashion chat-fest about the good, the bad and ugly regarding superhero costumes from the comics to TV and movies.