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September 30th, 2014    

Media Junk Food Special : A conversation with Rob Paulsen

The Mistress of evil, Sheryl, was lucky enough to sit down with voice actor Rob Paulsen(Yakko, Pinky, Donatello) at Geek Con 2014 for a chat about bullying and chasing your dreams. Also, Mr. Paulsen addresses the Jedi Ras's insistency that he podcast with Ralph Garman. Hear what he had to say!

A Da Nerdette/Jedi Ras cut.




September 25th, 2014    

Two J’s Later episode 27

Jay and Josh lay down some auditory awesomness chatting about FanExpo, Nan Desu con, Z-nation, Star Wars, The Rock's casting as Black Adam and a bunch of other random things.

An El Hawkez/Jedi Ras cut.



September 25th, 2014    

Media Junk Food Podcast Episode 17

Phoenix and Sheryl are back to chat all things pop culture and they're bringing Lex Noil along with them!

A Jediras/Da Nerdette cut.



September 15th, 2014    

Hybrid Interests Ep 30

In this episode, i have the newest member of the POI Family, Shelley Rossell!  You have heard her on Back When We Were Interesting, now we dive into her Geekdom.  Sit and enjoy the chat, it was fun!

Shelley on Twitter - @shelleyann72
Josh @303_Ninja

September 11th, 2014    

Media Junk Food Podcast Episode 18

Da Nerdette & The Mistress Of Evil Sheryl discuss The Wonder Women and Incredible Hulks of our generation, while sharing stories regarding the deaths of both Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, the legacy, and their contributions to both politics and human rights.