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June 21st, 2014    

Denver ComicCon 2014 - The Recap Episode


In this episode - Che and Josh recap what was an amazing weekend at Denver ComicCon 2014.  Held over the weekend of June 13-15; DCC2014 saw just over 86,000 people walk through its array of Comics, Venders, Movie Cars and Stormtroopers.  

Che was lucky enough to interview Lou Ferrigno (Find it HERE) Saturday morning at the Convention.  Josh caught up with some Artists, and sat down with the creator of My Gal, The Zombie; Dan Conner (http://crazygoodcomics.com/) to discuss art and crayons.  Then its just a recap of the weekend and what fun there was to have, plus a little Thank You to Denver ComicCon and DStreet 
Be sure to stop at DenverComicCon.com for all the latest goings on for DCC2015 and keep an on PointsOfInterestPodcast.com for updates on where we'll be next!

June 18th, 2014    

The Media Junk Food Podcast Episode 14

Phoenix and Sheryl welcome Adam Stabelli for a chat about all the recent happenings in geek pop culture and give out some geekly advice to questions posed by you, the listeners.

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June 16th, 2014    

Lou Ferrigno Interview at Denver Comic Con 2014


Here it is kids! - Our Denver Comic Con 2014 Interview with Special Guest, Lou Ferrigno!

Follow him on Twitter - HERE
Find Lou Ferrigno's Health website - HERE
Find Lou Ferrigno's Official website - HERE

June 4th, 2014    

Two J’s Later Episode 24

Josh and Jay discuss Josh's upcoming coverage of Denver Comic Con 2014 as well as Sparkle Girl, Green Arrow, the Warner Brothers movieverse and Godzilla. Ya know, those ole' chestnuts.




June 1st, 2014    

The Junk Food Podcast Episode 13

Phoenix and the Jedi Ras talk about all the latest goings on in geek culture. Grab ya popcorn!

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