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April 22nd, 2014    

The Junk Food Podcast Episode 11

Phoenix and Jay welcome Clarence of Red Headed Mule to chat 'bout 'sup in pop culture today.

A Jedi Ras cut.


April 15th, 2014    

The Junk Food Podcast Episode 10

The Jedi Ras holds court entertaining P.O.I's resident reviewer Mr.Jay Webb whilst awaiting the rise of the Phoenix. We talk about everything, beginning with The Bat.

A Jedi Ras cut.



April 9th, 2014    

Two J’s Later Episode 21

Josh fills Jay in on his trip to Emerald City Con over in Seattle, which begs the question, if flying from Colorado to Seattle, can one carry cannabis?

A Jedi Ras cut.


April 3rd, 2014    

AnimeLand Wasabi 2014 podcast wrap up

POI Presents, The AnimeLand Wasabi 2014 wrap up!

POI was honored to have been chosen to be part of the Press Team for this year's show!  In this wrap up, Josh had Jason from An Elegant Weapon Podcast come sit in and listen to the adventure that was AnimeLand Wasabi - They chat about some of the booths, merchendise, attendees and even a little about Anime.  
KatieAlex and Josh had a great time taking in all the sights, art and the fun activities the Con had to offer.  Josh was excited to have an interview with David Vincent, someone who has wanted to meet for a couple years now.  But lets not spoil the whole episode in the notes, click the play button and listen in!
AnimeLand Wasabi was held at the Crowne Plaza DIA on Friday February 28 - March 2 2014
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