Comics And Coffee (Episode 19): MARVEL vs. DC Debaters Challenger

Following the success of Comics And Coffee's MARVEL CIVIL WAR episode (w/ pals Erica Schultz and BatsHeisenberg), a new DEBATE episode is HERE--The ‪#‎MarvelvsDC‬ Debate!

Phoenix Da Nerdette & Co-Host Lex Noil (The LexFactor Show) are joined with special Guests Blacker than Black Times Infinity Host Salim French (A.K.A. @CthulhusProdigy) joining the debater challenger for ‪#‎TeamDCComics‬, along with fellow podcaster, Kevin Veldman of The Comic Noobs Podcast (@Comicnoobsshow), who will join the challenge for ‪#‎TeamMarvel‬!

It's CLOBBERING' TIME....well...sorta.


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