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January 31st, 2017    

The Ninja StarShip Episode 81 Riverdale - The CW Superhero line up - Royal Rumble 2017

This week Jimmy & Will are joined again by Brad From 8bit waffles. The Guys talk Riverdale, the new show on The CW based of Archie Comics. The CW Superhero Line up also returns with Supergirl, The Flash,  Legends of Tomorrow on a new night to make room for the premiere of Riverdale and Katie Cassidy returns to Arrow ! Later on the guys talk Power Ranger Ninja Steel episode 2 and Royal Rumble 2017 predictions.




December 21st, 2016    

The Ninja StarShip Episode 76 - Rogue One Review


This week, Jimmy and The Crew are joined by Dave The Geek from the IT in the D Podcast and The Jedi Ras from An Elegant Weapon Podcast to review, Rogue One - A Star Wars Story ! Starring: Felicity Jones , Diego Luna, Mads Mikkelson, Donnie Yen, Forrest Whitaker, Ben Mendelsohn, Alan Tudyk and James Earl Jones as Darth Vader.


December 5th, 2016    

The NinjaStarship Ep. 74. DC Crossover on The CW - Review

This week Jimmy & the Crew review the DC Crossover on The CW. Hear the crew's predictions for one of the most enjoyable PPV's that WWE has to offer, TLC 2016! PLUS ! Can pizza really help you lose weight ? Baby Metal is touring in Japan with Guns & Roses and the Power Ranger comic has done something shocking and new to the entire Power Ranger universe ! 



November 18th, 2016    

The Ninja StarShip Episode 71 - Fantasticon



November 9th, 2016    

The Ninja StarShip w/ Jimmy McKnight



October 10th, 2016    

The Ninja StarShip w/ Jimmy McKnight Episode 66 - Power Ranger Teaser, WestWorld, Flash and Arrow

This week! Aron Coney joins us in studio to talk about the new Power Rangers teaser trailer from NYCC! The team dives into the Flash and Arrow season premieres, Detroit metal Band FORCES joins us in studio to talk about their debut single Jaw Shatter. The guys saddle up for the first episode of Westworld from HBO starring Ed Harris and Sir Anthony Hopkins.


August 22nd, 2016    

The Ninja Starship w/ Jimmy McKnight Episode 56

This episode Jimmy and friends review Suicide Squad!  SPOILERS!!!!


July 19th, 2016    

The Ninja StarShip Ep. 53 - Bob Salley and Josh Dahl

Bob Salley creator of Salvagers and Josh Dahl creator of  Rapid City Below Zero, and host of An Elegant Weapon the Jedi Ras talk about what it takes to create an indie comic, how to market yourself and some tips they have learned along the way. Jimmy and Will re-cap the 1 year anniversary of The Ninja Starship and we find out what type of music sharks prefer.

July 19th, 2016    

The Ninja Starship Ep.52, 1 Year Anniversary! Live ! From Liberty Comics !

We had some typical live show mishaps this episode but we had fun damn it ! We celebrate 1 year of The Ninja Starship by broadcasting live from Liberty Comics in Roseville MI ! Brain from Pop Culture Leftovers calls in and the guys give you their thoughts on Ghostbusters. Kasey Pierce joins us to talk a little bit about Norah issue 2 and Josh Werner hops on the mic and tells us all about what Source Point Press has coming out, and the Detroit Dino even showed up !!!



July 5th, 2016    

The Ninja StarShip Episode 50- Tarzan/The BFG

Happy 4th of July!
This week in studio Erick Gutierrez creator of Max the Inebriated Rabbit, Bob the sales guy from the IT in The D podcast and Master Historian and host of the Shot of History podcast Trico Lutkins ! The guys and Jess go back to 1776 as Trico lays down the history knowledge, who knew denture termites were a thing ? Plus ! Hear movie reviews on Tarzan and The BFG !


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