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April 25th, 2017    

Drunk on Comics Podcast 254: Marvel Generations Legacy: The Afterbirth

Linz, Tony, Josh, and Connor (kinda) got together in the studio this week to talk about some great comics and tasty news tidbits. Tony started the podcast by sharing the fun he had at Founder’s Black Party (you guy, living in Grand Rapids is literally the best) but the subject quickly moved to what brings us together every week, great comics.



February 14th, 2017    

Drunk On Comics Episode 243

Tony’s back! You get to hear all about his trip to Florida! All. About. It.

Linz reviewed Paper Girls #11. This issue was a transitory issue, setting up the girls adventure in another place?…time?…dimension? It is unclear to the reader and the characters of the story actually where and when they are right now, but they are definitely not in Kansas anymore (that’s a movie reference for your ass, this story does not actually take place in Kansas). This series, written by Brian K. Vaughn and drawn by Cliff Chiang, comes highly recommended by Linz. Her review does not do it justice, go out and buy them all! Right now! We’ll wait.

OK, assuming you just got back from the comic book store, you can rejoin our conversation, which covers topics such as the new Legion show, super hero origin stories, the Power Ranger suits for the movie, and Kevin Smith.

Tony talked more about his trip to Florida.

And then Tony talked even more about his trip to Florida.

Booze and a Book this week was Kingpin #1 paired with a Long Island Ice Tea.



January 28th, 2017    

Drunk on Comics Podcast Episode 240: Who Needs Potato Salad?

Linz, Tony, and Josh gathered this week to talk about all things current and nerdy. Well, mostly. Turns out Josh is about a year late on a theory that widely circulated the internet about year ago. Still made for an interesting discussion though.

After trying to figure out what version of reality they were currently in, things moved to Tony’s most favorite topic: Power Rangers. Seriously, we should probably think about changing the name of this podcast to Drunk on Power Rangers. What started out as a review about issue 11 of the Power Rangers comic from BOOM! Studios quickly turned in to a history lesson about the Power Rangers and then a full on geek out from Tony and Josh, while Linz just sat back and watched the weirdness. Of course, the new Power Rangers movie trailer came out, so that became part of the discussion as well.

This week your hosts remembered they were a comic book podcast and reviewed some books! Along with Power Rangers #11, Tony also reviews WWE #1. Not having watched wrestling when this storyline took place, he is interested in where this story is going and is appreciative of the “backstage look” this comic offers. Both the writing and the art are on point. Later in the podcast, Linz reviews Curse Words #1 written by Charles Soule and drawn by Ryan Browne. The is a fun book full of wizards and magic, but with a great twist that can only be brought to you by the duo working on this book.

Other topics brought up during this episode are the rumors behind the casting of Cable in the next Deadpool movie and the possibility of Hellboy 3. They also covered the newest Logan trailer.

Booze and a Book this week is Monsters Unleashed #1 paired with an Absolut Monster.



December 20th, 2016    

Drunk on Comics Podcast 235: Bro-down before the Hoe-down

Derek and Tony hold down the fort right before the holiday weekend, and they get into a bit of the holiday spirit with a few of their books they reviewed this week.   They also go all across the board with a little bit of everything this week from all aspects of the comic industry.

The guys had some fun talking about about some serious stuff about the animosity against certain comic creators, and others who have taken up the backlash to raise funds to stop online bullying.  Tony spoke a bit about what is going on in the books of Marvel, and Derek explained why his life is shitty, literally.

Booze and a Book was X-men vs Inhumans #1 paired with a Strohs for certain reasons.



November 18th, 2016    

Drunk On Comics Ep. 229 - Dirk Manning…Again

Writer Dirk Manning returns!




November 8th, 2016    

Drunk on Comics Podcast 228: Titty Sprinkles



August 13th, 2016    

Drunk On Comics Episode 215

Tony watches the ship sink.


July 19th, 2016    

Drunk On Comics Episode 211

Tony Derek and Linz had a tough time searching for industry news this week.  With San Diego Comic Con around the corner, many tidbits will be coming out shortly.  We did have a nice interruption from the creators of Man Vs. Rock to talk about what they are planning with comic con.  The group is all hoping to get some free swag sent their way form them as well as talked a bit of what they are looking forward to at the convention.

Man Vs. Rock also interrupted Tony’s review of Civil War II #3 which he was able to get right back in without losing a beat.  Derek talked some Rebirth again with Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps Rebirth #1 and where this book fits in the overall timeline.   There is so much going on with DC and their books, it is only a waiting game to see how the Corps fit into this new world that has been created.

Booze and a Book was Kong Of Skull Island #1 paired with a Donkey Kong, which consists of 4 oz of 99 bananas (or similar banana flavored liqueur ) 2 oz of coconut vodka or rum, and 12 oz of Cola.






July 5th, 2016    

Drunk On Comics Episode 208

Booze. Books. Babble.


June 19th, 2016    

Drunk On Comics Episode 205

This week Derek and Linz bring you some straight up comic book reviewin'...




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