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September 12th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee (Ep. 18): THE “Marvel’s ‘CIVIL WAR’” Debater Challenge!!

Host Phoenix Da Nerdette moderates a debate podcast battle regarding the events of the 2006-2007 Marvel Event series: "CIVIL WAR". 
Listen to special guests, writer and artist Erica Schultz (#TeamIronMan) and Nathanial "Batsheisenberg" (#TeamCaptainAmerica) put their debater skills to the test in this awesome new PODCAST event!
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September 6th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee: Ep. 17 (Part. II): The #Superhero Class Of 2016: Ramblings, Expectations + Predictions.

Phoenix Da Nerdette is joined by Gamer Denny Von Doom and Pal Nicholas Von Frankenstein for the 2nd part of Superhero Class of 2016. The crew discuss their expectations and box-office predictions on #SuicideSquad, #Gambit and #DoctorStrange.

August 30th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee Ep. 17 (Part. I): The Superhero Class Of 2016: Ramblings, Expectations and Predictions.

Da Nerdette goes solo in this all-new episodes where she rambles off about the superhero line-ups for 2016: From Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, to X-Men: Apocalypse. 

 Tune in to Part II: Coming soon!


August 11th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee (Ep. 16): Fantastic Four Recap, Black Widow Movie Debate, & MORE!

Phoenix hosts another podcast episodes featuring her friends of Blkboard, Jermaine Dickerson (@jermaindesign) & "Mike Talks Trash Randall (@MikeTalksTrash), as well as her comic-book reading buddies, Rron (@rro007)and Nathaniel (@BatsHeisenberg)!

This brand new Podcast episode will feature thoughts on Josh Trank’s #FantasticFour, whether FOX should give up their rights to the characters, whether Black Widow is deserving of her own solo film in the future, and more!


August 3rd, 2015    

Comics And Coffee’s Ep. 15: Comic-Book News, Superhero Movie News Reactions (August 1, 2015)

Phoenix Da Nerdette is joined by co-host Lex Noil of The LexFactor Show as they discuss the latest comic-books titles on the shelves as of  August 1, 2015, including our thoughts movies news surrounding Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Fantastic Four publicity tour drama, and Gambit news


July 12th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee’s Comic-Con 2015 RECAP Show!

Phoenix Da Nerdette is joined by BlkBoard Podcast's Mike Talks Trash and Jermaine Dickerson, along with DC Comics fan Rron as they offer their reactions on the Comic-Con trailer for BATMAN v SUPERMAN, the leaked SUICIDE SQUAD trailer, and the HALL H panels for Warner Bros, FOX, and more!


July 5th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee’s Comic-Con 2015 Pre-Show!

Phoenix Da Nerdette and co-host Lex Noil (The Lex Factor Show) are joined with Tyler Touchdown and Denny Von Doom for a Special SDCC Pre-show before the BIG podcasting event! 

Listen to them as they chat about their SDCC predictions--as well as their reactions to the Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con cover, featuring the cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


June 24th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee (Ep. 14): “Inside The Mind Of A Blerd II”‬: An Interview w/ Shawn Pryor!

Phoenix conducts another special interview, with special guest, Shawn Pryor, Creator of the upcoming youth detective book, "Cash and Carrie" and host of the Black Box Podcast. Shawn talks about his passion projects, including CASH & CARRIE, the ups and downs of being a comic-book creator in the industry, some words of wisdom for upcoming comic-book creators and artists, and why diversity is important for comic-books.




June 14th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee (Ep. 13): “Inside The Mind Of A Podcaster”‬: An Interview w/ Francis “THE OTHER GUY”!

Phoenix Da Nerdette hosts a brand NEW podcast cast: "Inside The Mind Of A Podcast", where she gets inside the mind of fellow Points Of Interest Podcaster, Francis The OTHER GUY of Geek Love Radio, CMYKTV, and Critical Moment Of Awesome. Learn about the magic behind his 'lovable podcasting voice', the stories behind his adventures in podcasting, and what tips aspiring podcasters should learn about the world of podcasting.



May 29th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee Ep. 12: “Inside The Mind Of A ‪Blerd”‬: An In-DEPTH Interview w/ Jermaine Curtis Dickerson!

Host Phoenix Da Nerdette will be getting inside the mind of fellow blerd, Graphic Designer and Superhero Enthusiast, Jermaine Dickerson. 

They'll discuss their love for superheroes, movies and comics. Plus, we get Jermaine Dickerson's POV on social issues that involves over-sexualization of women in comics and superhero movies, and society's view of women, people of color, and how comic-books can create empowerment for youths.



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