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April 10th, 2018    

The Lex Factor WrestleMania 34 Recap


Lex is joined by YouTuber, and Sonic The Hedgehog fan, G To The Next Level, as they talk and share their thoughts about WrestleMania 34 that happend last Sunday at Lex's 2nd hometown of New Orleans. Come listen as the talk about their favorie and least favoriet matches that happend and their thoughts about the mix tag team match.


April 3rd, 2018    

The Lex Factor Show (Ep.#64) Let’s Talk About: Parasite Eve


Lex is joined by Zakiyyah aka ZAK on this brand new installment of The Lex Factor Show! On episode 64, the talk about Square's first ever mature game, Parasite Eve for the PS1. Come listen as they talk about what they like, what they dont like and what made them fans of this game.