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March 31st, 2017    

The Lex Factor Show’s Special (Ep. #45): What Did You Miss About The 90’s? Pt.1

Lex is by himself on this brand new special episode of 2017 of The Lex Factor Show. He is joined by returning guests Kodi & Lexi! They talk about what they miss about the 90's from: candies, tv shows, cartoons, and wrestling, and video games. If you are feeling nostalgic or feel like laughing up a storm, then come listen to them take you down memory lane on this brand new episode.



March 29th, 2017    

The Lemonade Show - Save Ya Damn Self

Marvel comics continue to earn side eye, Into The Badlands is AMAZING, white folks are getting all the roles and lastly an interview with the creator of MeccaCon. Its a jam packed episode!

Referenced article: http://theblerdgurl.com/comics/webcomics/16-diverse-webcomics-im-reading-right-now/

MeccaCon & BSAM info:
#BSAMstl2017 (St Louis) Mar 17- 18

#BSAMfuturismo2017 (Bronx) Apr 22

#BSAMoakland2017 May 13

#BSAMla2017 (L.A.) June 25

#MECCAcon2017 (Detroit) Sep 16

#BSAMtoronto2017 Oct tba

#BSAMatl2017 (Atlanta) Feb 2018 tba

Maia "Crown" Williams
Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics & Arts -
Black Speculative Arts Movement -
tw/gram- @MECCAcon, @BSAMconvention




March 27th, 2017    

The Lex Factor Presents: Lex News (Ep. #6) Our Reacton To Alien Covenant Trailer

Lexy & Tyler discuss their thoughts about the Alien Covenant trailer that they just saw. Plus, Tyler drops some very good facts about the some of the Alien movies too.



March 25th, 2017    

The Dragon Fisters Episode 252: Behind the Couch

This Episode: The group partitions their adventure with a troubled and restless night, afterwards exploring the rest of this strange well/mine/catacombs place. There are a few strange and exciting things along the way for them to discover.

Trevor (Tarik), Kelli (Falltu), Besse (Rusk), Dave (Ro'Dash), Al (Harman), Gabby (Shai), & Jesse (Game Master)




March 21st, 2017    

The Lex Factor (Ep. #44): Let’s Talk About James Bond Part: 3

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Part 3 of Lets Talk About James Bond is now up and running! (Sorry for the long wait for this ep). In this installment, Lexy and Tyler return to the lex factor compound with guest Husky Jack! Come listen as they finally finish of the James Bond Retrospective with the Timothy Dalton movies to the Daniel Craig James bond Movies. So come in, bring in your Q gadgets, drink your dry martinis and enjoy!

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March 20th, 2017    

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #54): The Cinematic History of the Ghost Rider!



We're BACK. Sorry for the delay, folks.


Kyle Da Marvel Zombie, Phoenix Da Nerdette and Chris Da Inglorious Geek have a chat about the Logan, Deadpool 2 and The Batman news updates and more for "The Blend". Chris Da Inglorious Geek schools the crew on Ghost Rider (The Spirit of Vengence) and its many hosts, while the crew discusses the cinematic/TV history of the character.




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March 17th, 2017    

The Lex Factor Presents: Gamer Corner (Ep. #8) Legend of Zelda: Dungeons & Items

Lexy & Tyler are joined by Michelle Espinoza in this brand new installment of Gamer Corner! On this episode, they talk about their favorite Dungeons they like to conqure and items they like to use on the Legend of Zelda game series. They also talk about their least favorite dungeons they hate going into and not so useful items too



March 14th, 2017    

Speech Bubble Episode 38 - “Fearless” Fred Kennedy

If you live in Toronto, you know him as the popular DJ on 102.1 The Edge. But his comic book geek cred is strongest as the writer behind the scifi epic ,The Fourth Planet published quarterly by Chapterhouse Comics. He’ll tell us how the idea had its roots in his love of paleo-cultural anthropology (the origins of culture) and how Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet changed his life. Meanwhile, we discuss why the endless crossover events and relaunches are ruining comics, how Fred got his start in radio and why he entered the ring with his own podcast Issue Zero.



March 12th, 2017    

The Lex Factor (Ep. #43): Movies That Today’s Hollywood Won’t Touch

Once again, Lex & Tyler are joined by Elizabeth Scroxton, as the talk about movies that holloywood today won't touch with a 10 foot pole. Moveis Like Blazing Saddles, Full Metal Jacket, and history of the World pt.1 for example. Cus some of the scenes would start an uproar in this day an age.



March 6th, 2017    

The Lex Factor Show (Ep.#42): Our Favorite Sylvester Stallone Movies Pt.2

Yo Paulie! Lexy & Tyler comes back for round 2 of their favorite movies starring Sly Stallone! 



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