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February 27th, 2017    

Con Wiz Ep 10 - Rebecca of RAD CosPlay

This week, We welcome a CosPlay Guest.  Representing RAD CosPlay, is Rebecca Ann!

Rebecca had attended Katsucon - We start with where she started in CosPlay, Her Non-Profit Organization she runs with Fiance - Cap For Kids.  She gives us a recap of what to expect at Katsucon, and we talk about the - GummieGate - situation over the weekend.  As always we finish up with a list of the upcoming Comic Con Conventions around the world, and a touch of what show we are attending soon!


RAD CosPlay - Rebeccan Ann

Cap For Kids - We believe that if we can bring cheer to children who are fighting cancer, while reducing the family's financial burdens, we give the kids a better chance.





February 27th, 2017    

Speech Bubble - Daniel Brodie

A backpacking trip through Amsterdam had Daniel Brodie wondering if he was really in control of his body and that led to Morgan’s Organs – his comic that takes a look at the various characters controlling the organs of a college student named Morgan. Touted as Pixar’s Inside Out for grown ups, Morgan’s Organs was meant to be an animated TV show, but is now a comic funding its second issue through Kickstarter as of this recording’s release. Brodie talks about the projects transformation and the deeper meanings that underlie its sophomoric humour.



February 24th, 2017    

Lex Factor Show’s Lex News (Ep. #5) Netflix’s Castlevania Show

Your boys Lex & Tyler are bact with another episode of Lex News! On this episode, they talk about the up coming Catalevania series thats coming soon to Netflix. They also talk about what to expect to the upcoming show. 



February 20th, 2017    

The Lex Factor Show (Ep.#40): Dear Recyclewood, PLEASE STOP!!!

On today's episode, Lex & Tyler talk about reboots and remakes that Recyclewood is doing these days. They both had to pull out the beers and vodka for this topic, cus it was a cringy topic for these two movie gowers. 


February 17th, 2017    

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #54): Infinity War/Justice League Pt. I



DISCLAIMER: We're sorry for the audio issues on this episode. We'd suggest you to NOT listen to this episode on High volume.

On Pt. I of the Two-Part Episode, Phoenix Da Nerdette, Kyle Da Marvel Zombie and Chris Da Inglorious Geek discuss Infinity War, FX’s New show Legion, The Lego Batman Movieand Batman News on the new addition of The BLEND, while Chris Da offers us noob knowledge on 'The Infinity Gauntlet', which will inspire the upcoming Marvel Studios movie, Avengers: Infinity War.


For Superhero 101:
On the new edition for The BLEND, Chris Da Inglorious Geek's New segment, Chris schools the gang on Thanos, The Gauntlet, and the infinity Gems.



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Pt. II is coming soon!


February 15th, 2017    

The Lex Factor Presents: Gamer Corner (Ep. #6)

Lexy & Tyler are back with another installment of episode 6 of Gamer Corner! On this episode they talk about the point & click games of the 90s, and game console repair shops.



February 14th, 2017    

Drunk On Comics Episode 243

Tony’s back! You get to hear all about his trip to Florida! All. About. It.

Linz reviewed Paper Girls #11. This issue was a transitory issue, setting up the girls adventure in another place?…time?…dimension? It is unclear to the reader and the characters of the story actually where and when they are right now, but they are definitely not in Kansas anymore (that’s a movie reference for your ass, this story does not actually take place in Kansas). This series, written by Brian K. Vaughn and drawn by Cliff Chiang, comes highly recommended by Linz. Her review does not do it justice, go out and buy them all! Right now! We’ll wait.

OK, assuming you just got back from the comic book store, you can rejoin our conversation, which covers topics such as the new Legion show, super hero origin stories, the Power Ranger suits for the movie, and Kevin Smith.

Tony talked more about his trip to Florida.

And then Tony talked even more about his trip to Florida.

Booze and a Book this week was Kingpin #1 paired with a Long Island Ice Tea.



February 13th, 2017    

The Lemonade Show - Gentrification Strikes Again featuring Yori from TDCBG

On this episode I talk a little about the upcoming I Yawn Fist Netflix show, the Super Bowl, launching a Patreon and also I am joined by Yori from Them Damn Comic Book Guys. She talks about the Flight of the Phoneix Sci-Fi and Comic Convention taking place in Austin the week of SXSW and also her program Cartoon and Cereal!

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February 12th, 2017    

Two J’s Later Episode 62

Jay and Josh talk a little political nonsense as well as reviews of Dark Star and Pineapple Tai.




February 12th, 2017    

Legion 01-01: Chapter 1

Legion premieres on FX ! Join Brian, Will and Jimmy as they attempt to review & recap Chapter 1, then explore all possible (and impossible) theories. 

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