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January 25th, 2017    

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #53): The King of Wakanda!



For The Blend:

Da Nerdette, Kyle The Marvel Zombie and Gabby Da Spokhette Discuss the trailers for both Logan and Power Rangers Movie, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad apology, the 9th Anniversary of Heath Ledger’s death (January 22, 2008), and Black Panther set pictures, and how excited they are about the upcoming Marvel Studios film.


For Superhero 101:

On the first edition for Gabby Da Spokette's New segment, Gabby schooling the gang on the King of Wakanda, himself.



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January 24th, 2017    

Con Wiz Ep 9 - Jeff Burns

Francis and Josh are back with their First episode of 2017 - They brought with them, Special Guest, Jeff Burns of Super Geeked Up - To chat about their time together at SDCC 2016 and what Jeff is up to this year with his new projects.

Of course the boys run through some of the upcoming shows, and some detail into their upcoming shows they're attending.

Here are some of Jeff's links he speaks about in the episode!

Super Knocked Up on Amazon: bit.ly/SuperKnockedUp
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January 20th, 2017    

The Lex Factor Show (Ep.#37): Lets Talk About ThunderCats

Lex Noil is here with a nother solo show talking about one of his favorite childhood cartoon show The Thundercats. Come listen as he gives you some tid bits about the animation and voice actors and actresses of the show, and how it became a iconic 80s pop culture cartoon.


January 18th, 2017    

Guys On Comics Audio Panel: Featuring Shawn Pryor and Jermaine Dickerson!


Phoenix Da Nerdette host an Audio-Only panel with special guests Shawn Pryor (Co-Creator/Co-writer for Cash And Carrie and The Force) and BlkBoard Podcast Co-Host and Detroit Based Digital Arts Designer and Illustrator Jermaine Dickerson to talk about Diversity and Representation in Comic-Books, Movies and Pop-Culture.


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January 17th, 2017    

Lemon Fresh 2017

First episode of 2017! Steph talks Steve Harvey, Jermey Whitley's Unstoppable Wasp, Comic University and more. 2017 needs some chill already


January 16th, 2017    

The Lex Factor Show Special (Ep.#36): The Nintendo Switch Presentation

Lex Noil is joined by retuning guest Papa Kenn Media for this brand new first speical of 2017. Come listen asthey talk about their thoughts about the Nintendo Switch, hear the talk about the up coming cames for it and also their thoughts about the mostion controlle on it too.


January 12th, 2017    

Speech Bubble - Shane Heron

Independent comic book artist Shane Heron (Black Hole Hunters Club, Monstrosity) always had a huge talent for drawing, but didn’t actually make his first comic until his mid-twenties. Despite the relatively late start, he made up for it with gusto, collaborating with past Speech Bubble guest Ricky Lima on a 24-hour comic that would eventually become the alien bounty hunters adventure Black Hole Hunters Club (https://www.facebook.com/BlackHoleHuntersClub/). He even created a comic with the host of this very podcast. Now he’s working on a new book of his own called Morris – a post-apocalyptic western featuring a sheriff with more than a passing resemblance to actor Wilford Brimley.




January 12th, 2017    

A Critical Moment of Awesome: You’re Terminated

We're back for a brand new year and a brand new episode, and this Critical Moment of Awesome has a 2017 treat. Dave the Drummer and Francis the Other Guy discuss the silly news of the day, the new Apprentice, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, meteors hitting the Earth, and all the fun of the ampersand. It's all that and so much more, in this week's Crit Mo.




January 12th, 2017    

Back When We Were Interesting Ep. 110: Announcement

This week's episode of Back When We Were Interesting has us return for 2017 with a brand new attitude. Josh, Shelley, & Francis make an announcement on how the podcast is going to roll. We delve into history, pop culture, and anecdotes in a way that makes this new year of podcasting, a reboot for Back When. So let people know, share with your friends who love a bit of the trivia and historical knowledge, and we're going to jump into 2017 with a new attitude & YOUR stories, on the Back When Podcast.

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January 9th, 2017    

The Lex Factor Presents: Gamer Corner (Ep. #4)

Lex and Tyler are back on the brand new episode of Gamer Corner! It's the new episode of 2017 and they talk about: Favorite Game Music, Pet Peeves in Games and also, they talk about Why game developers realese games that are not the same as they shown on E3.


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