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July 19th, 2016    

Drunk On Comics Episode 211

Tony Derek and Linz had a tough time searching for industry news this week.  With San Diego Comic Con around the corner, many tidbits will be coming out shortly.  We did have a nice interruption from the creators of Man Vs. Rock to talk about what they are planning with comic con.  The group is all hoping to get some free swag sent their way form them as well as talked a bit of what they are looking forward to at the convention.

Man Vs. Rock also interrupted Tony’s review of Civil War II #3 which he was able to get right back in without losing a beat.  Derek talked some Rebirth again with Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps Rebirth #1 and where this book fits in the overall timeline.   There is so much going on with DC and their books, it is only a waiting game to see how the Corps fit into this new world that has been created.

Booze and a Book was Kong Of Skull Island #1 paired with a Donkey Kong, which consists of 4 oz of 99 bananas (or similar banana flavored liqueur ) 2 oz of coconut vodka or rum, and 12 oz of Cola.






July 18th, 2016    

Lex Factor’s Cosplay Alley (Episode 2) Interview w Kathryn Turner of (SparkleRyuichi Cosplay)

Lex Noil sits down and talks to Kathryn Turner of (SparkleRyuichi Cosplay) on episode #2 of Cosplay Alley. Come listen as he ask Kathryn about her beginning days into the cosplay world and her first time going to an anime convention.



July 18th, 2016    

The Lemonade Show (w/ Steph I Will): Episode #6.

On this episode, Steph talks about her excitement for SDCC, the world still existing after the release of Ghostbusters, binge-watching Season 1 of Mr. Robot in one day, and PokemonGo world denomination.


July 18th, 2016    

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #43): Justice League Special (w/ Troy of BlerdCulture)

Phoenix Da Nerdette is joined by MamaJo, Lex Noil (LexFactor Show) and Special Guest Troy of The Blerd Culture Podcast. Troy drops the crew some K-Nowledge on both The Justice League and Wonder Woman, the crew offer their SDCC predictions/hopes on possible JLA News and appearances, while having a rant off on some trouble-makers regarding the new Wonder Woman.


Follow Troy and his co-hosts on BlerdCulture via Sound Cloud: soundcloud.com/blerdculture



July 12th, 2016    

The Lemonade Show (w/ Steph I Will): Episode #5 — Featuring Heroes And Coffee’s Phoenix Da Nerdette!

On this BRAND NEW episode, Steph is joined by Phoenix Da Nerdette (Heroes And Coffee) to discuss the week that was pure chaos, their reactions of the news of Ri Ri Williams as the new Iron-Man, and other pop-culture and movies news.



July 11th, 2016    

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #42): SDCC Pre-Show: Expectations and Predictions!

ALL NEW episode, Phoenix Da Nerdette is joined with guest Logan Kehres (@TheFireRises20) to offer their predictions on upcoming TV/CBMs that will be holding Hall H Panels during this YEAR'S San Diego Comic-Con in this SDCC Pre-show.



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July 10th, 2016    

CON-ventional Wisdom Ep 005


This Episode, Francis and Josh have POI Member and Host of The Ninja Starship Podcast - Jimmy McKnight on to talk about the Conventions we have been to this past month or so.

In this Episode, we cover Denver Comic Con 2016 and The Las Vegas Comic Con!

Francis and Josh also spill the beans on their plans for San Diego Comic Con 2016 and a look forward into the month of July/August as continue to cover Comic Cons all over the Country!

July 10th, 2016    

Lex Factor’s Cosplay Alley: (Episode 1) Interview w Tyler Puryear.

Lex Noil has a one-on-one interview with cosplayer and stage actor Tyler "Touchdown" Puryear. 

Facebook: TylerTouchdownCosplay

July 9th, 2016    

Alcohol Cinema Episode 70 - Wayne’s World (1992)

The Brown Out Series. The boys get an extreme close up…SCHAWINGGGG! Abel gets wasted, and directs his anger at Nick. Nick ain’t havin’ it.





July 8th, 2016    

Lex Factor Show (Episode 26): Let’s Talk About 90’s Guilty Pleasures

Lex Noil is joined by Ms. Kay Fey and Sailor Moon fan Kristen Hughes as they talk about their favorite guilty pleasures of the 90s, from movies, tv shows, candies, and cartoons. 



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