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April 28th, 2016    

Episode CXCV…Robin Lord Taylor & James Frain

LIVE from The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2016, The Jedi Ras chats with the stars of FOX's GOTHAM, Robin Lord Taylor and James Frain.





April 28th, 2016    

Ninja Starship Episode 42 - Kel Mitchel And Amy Jo Johnson

Jimmy McKnight & The Points of Interest Podcast Network take over The Great Philadelphia Comic Con ! Joined by fellow POI members Jason Clark & Josh Hawkes, the guys give you a recap of Day 2 of GPCC. Jimmy moderates the All That panel featuring Kel Mitchel ! Hear him talk about Good Burger, All That, Mystery Men and his new show on Nickelodeon Game Shakers !
Then Jimmy moderates the It’s Morph’n Time Panel with Amy Jo Johnson ! Hear stories about the original cast of MMPR, working in Toronto on Flashpoint and what its like going from in front of the camera directing her own films.






April 27th, 2016    

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #35): Chris Stuckmann Debacle, Prince, Blade + BONUS RANT!

Da Nerdette + Mama-Jo are joined by The LexFactor's Lex Noil and Logan Keheres (Guest) for 1 Hr+ long show On Chris Stuckmann, Prince + Blade. (Track includes Da Nerdette's Chris Stuckmann BONUS Rant.)


April 27th, 2016    

David Newell Interview - The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2016

Welcome Back to Hybrid Interests after a long hiatus - I have a special guest to welcome the show back! While at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con, i had the great honor to get to meet and spend some time with David Newell - Mr McFeely from Mr Roger's Neighborhood.  

Normally i like to consider myself somewhat professional when interviewing people.  All that went right out the door the moment i started to speak with David. He put me at ease right away and we had a great talk.  David is probably the most kind person i've met while on this fun adventure that is Podcasting.

April 25th, 2016    

The Lex Factor Show’s Lex News #2

Lex Noil is happy that he has heard the news that Nathan Fillion will be cast as Lex's favorite superhero, Wonder Man! And will be on the next Guardians of the Galaxy Vol,2 movie in a cameo spot.

Source:Nathan Fillion's Amazing New Cameo


April 20th, 2016    

The Lex Factor Show (Episode 23): Let’s Talk About The Best and Worst 80’s Movies

Lex Noil is joined buy guests Brandon Bearden and Jasmine Star as the talk about their favorite and least favorite movies growing up in the 80s. And they also discuss their favorite scenes from their favorite movies that made them the put a smile on their faces.Cu-M-L0nB5JMIAF8HJNMvgOqaZSpK6sBQawcTXyc


April 19th, 2016    

Heroes And Coffee’s Totally Random 7: Grace Randolph vs The Critics, Willem Dafoe, and more

Phoenix Da Nerdette, Nick Von Frank E. Stein and Lex Noil rants off about Grace Randolph, Justice League, the Critics, and more.


April 19th, 2016    

Heroes And Coffee’s Totally Random 6: Doris Roberts, The MOST Ridiculous Porn Parodies from the web, and more

Phoenix Da Nerdette, Mama-Jo, Nick Von Frank E. Stein and Lex Noil chat about more Random things, including PORN PARODIES, Doris Roberts, Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War and more.

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April 18th, 2016    

Inside The Mind Of Comic-Book Letterer: Interview w/ Taylor Esposito.

Da Nerdette holds a one-on-one interview with Taylor Eposito, former letterer for DC Comics + Marvel Comics, Current Letterer for Gamer Girl + Vixen and Owner of Ghost Glyph Studios!


Follow Taylor Eposito via Twitter: Twitter.com/TaylorEspo

Visit Ghost Glyph Design Studios' Official Site: GhostGlyphStudios.com


April 17th, 2016    

Gamerstable Ep261 - Charisma

Dump stat or over-powered? Do you really need charisma and what can it be used for?


Cast – Dan, Eric, Jayson, Shawn, Brandi and Mike



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