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March 30th, 2016    

Alcohol Cinema Episode 63 - Mallrats (1995)

The one about Mallrats. The boys reminisce about…what else, MALLS! Nick loses it, and Justin gets wasted.







March 29th, 2016    

Heroes And Coffee (Episode #33): ULTIMATE 2 Hour Edition (w/ Nick Frank E. Stein)

Phoenix and guest Nick Frankenstein talk about random things, from video games, Batman v Superman, Batman, critics and more.


March 29th, 2016    

Gamerstable Episode 259 : Hellboy

A rare “gamer perfect storm”. The 2004 film based on the Dark Horse comic is everything a gamer should like, and would make the perfect RPG campaign.


Cast – Mike, Dan, Eric and Jayson



March 29th, 2016    

The Ninja Starship Episode 38 : Jimmy & Will Re - Cap C2E2, Season 2 Of Daredevil, Batman VS Superman

Jimmy and Will Re-Cap C2E2 , reviews of Daredevil Season 2 and Batman V Superman !!!



March 28th, 2016    

An Elegant Weapon Episode CXCI…C2E2 Part One

The Jedi Ras gives his quick opinion of Batman V Superman before diving into his adventure at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo 2016. The party begins with a quadcast featuring the Weapon, Comic Pros and Cons and fellow P.O.I network members Drunk On Comics and The Ninja Starship followed by chats with the mighty and merciless Ming Chen, The Jedi Ras’ faithful Podawan Da Nerdette, fellow Ontarian writer/artist Jim Zub, Youtuber The Comicstorian and writer/artist and creative director for Action Lab Jamal Igle.



March 28th, 2016    

The Dragon Fisters Episode 213: Treasure Island

This Episode:  When the group notices something strange floating in the distance, they decide to disembark and investigate.  Who knows what you can find on an uninhabited island off the coast of unexplored lands.

Jesse (Game Master), Dave (Dorian), Al (Marmolek), Besse (Leo), & John (Gallyn)





March 27th, 2016    

Drunk On Comics Episode 193 : Reminiscing at The Bar

C2E2 has come and gone, but we were able to talk a bit about some of the fun we had. Derek and Tony are joined by Jay of An Elegant Weapon, Jimmy from The Ninja Starship, and Derek from Comic Pros and Cons podcasts on the last day of the convention while sitting at their favorite place: the bar.

The group also sat down with Will Jones, an artist trying to make it into the comic book scene. Will used to frequent the GameStop where Derek used to manage. He brought some new insight on what the process is like, and tried to help us out when we describe the art in the pages of the books we love.








March 26th, 2016    

The Ninja Starship with Jimmy McKnight Episode 37 : 2016 Lexington Comic & Toy Con

The Starship goes to Kentucky for The Lexington Comic & Toy Con ! Jimmy spent 3 days covering this event and recorded interviews with cosplay Superstar  Yaya Han, Animator for King of The Hill  Joel Adams and legendary Comic artist  Neal Adams !





March 24th, 2016    

The Lex Factor Show (Episode 21): Let’s Talk About Scooby-Doo!

ZOINKS! Lex Noil and guest Jasmine Star talks and reminisce about the good old days of waking up every Saturday morning watching the classic Scooby-Doo cartoons..





March 22nd, 2016    

Batman v Superman Recap + Critical Reviews…so far!

Phoenix offers her recap on the fan-screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the critical reviews, and more.


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