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August 30th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee Ep. 17 (Part. I): The Superhero Class Of 2016: Ramblings, Expectations and Predictions.

Da Nerdette goes solo in this all-new episodes where she rambles off about the superhero line-ups for 2016: From Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, to X-Men: Apocalypse. 

 Tune in to Part II: Coming soon!


August 29th, 2015    

Two J’s Later Episode 44

Josh and Jay return for another ripped up rabble rousing rant! Spark 'em up!




August 21st, 2015    

The LexFactor Show Ep. #10: Let’s Talk About Mortal Kombat (Part II)

Lex Noil, along with co-host Phoenix Da Nerdette (Comics And Coffee) are joined with special guests, cosplayer Tyler Touchdown and Jasmine Red for the long-awaited Part. II of the Mortal Kombat podcast, where the guys share their thoughts on the video games series, and TV shows, movies and cartoons that were based on them.


August 13th, 2015    

Two J’s Later Episode 43

Jay teaches Josh some French language basics, talk their favourite funny flicks, jabber about Jaws and do it all very, very baked...




August 11th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee (Ep. 16): Fantastic Four Recap, Black Widow Movie Debate, & MORE!

Phoenix hosts another podcast episodes featuring her friends of Blkboard, Jermaine Dickerson (@jermaindesign) & "Mike Talks Trash Randall (@MikeTalksTrash), as well as her comic-book reading buddies, Rron (@rro007)and Nathaniel (@BatsHeisenberg)!

This brand new Podcast episode will feature thoughts on Josh Trank’s #FantasticFour, whether FOX should give up their rights to the characters, whether Black Widow is deserving of her own solo film in the future, and more!


August 3rd, 2015    

Staying Off Topic - THE RETURN

Che and Josh are back after an incredibly long hiatus - We just goof off and catch up.  We are going to be keeping this lite and fun.  Catch up with us every week and see what we might be talking about - Maybe a new movie, game or maybe the story of John Pellet.  Join us and have some fun as Friends of 20 years have a natural conversation

Josh on Twitter - @303ninja

Che on Twitter - @JiggaFro7 


August 3rd, 2015    

Comics And Coffee’s Ep. 15: Comic-Book News, Superhero Movie News Reactions (August 1, 2015)

Phoenix Da Nerdette is joined by co-host Lex Noil of The LexFactor Show as they discuss the latest comic-books titles on the shelves as of  August 1, 2015, including our thoughts movies news surrounding Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Fantastic Four publicity tour drama, and Gambit news


August 2nd, 2015    

The LexFactor Show: Extreme (Episode 1): Let’s Talk About Cosplay…and more Porn Parodies

Host Lex Noil with co-host Phoenix Da Nerdette are joined by Heather 'Ayame' Noil and Jasmine Red for the first ever episode of LexFactor's new podcast segment: The LexFactor EXTREME....where we discuss topics that are either NOT safe for work, a bit serious, and sometimes OUTRAGEOUS.