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June 24th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee (Ep. 14): “Inside The Mind Of A Blerd II”‬: An Interview w/ Shawn Pryor!

Phoenix conducts another special interview, with special guest, Shawn Pryor, Creator of the upcoming youth detective book, "Cash and Carrie" and host of the Black Box Podcast. Shawn talks about his passion projects, including CASH & CARRIE, the ups and downs of being a comic-book creator in the industry, some words of wisdom for upcoming comic-book creators and artists, and why diversity is important for comic-books.




June 24th, 2015    

The Lex Factor Show Recap: Let’s Talk About ‘E3 2015′

Host Lex Noil, along with co-host Phoenix Da Nerdette and the show's newest member Andrew Muller are joined with guests Steven Lowe and Cosplayer Tyler Touchdown all recap on the latest news from E3 2015!



June 23rd, 2015    

Two J’s Later Ep41

The J's spark their J's and have a wonderful chat about hanging out together, getting Josh to Canada for FanExpo and a chat about Marvel/DC.  Spark one up and enjoy


June 14th, 2015    

Comics And Coffee (Ep. 13): “Inside The Mind Of A Podcaster”‬: An Interview w/ Francis “THE OTHER GUY”!

Phoenix Da Nerdette hosts a brand NEW podcast cast: "Inside The Mind Of A Podcast", where she gets inside the mind of fellow Points Of Interest Podcaster, Francis The OTHER GUY of Geek Love Radio, CMYKTV, and Critical Moment Of Awesome. Learn about the magic behind his 'lovable podcasting voice', the stories behind his adventures in podcasting, and what tips aspiring podcasters should learn about the world of podcasting.



June 7th, 2015    

The LexFactor Show Ep. #8: Let’s Talk About Video Games Genre!

Lex Noil and co-host Phoenix Da Nerdette hosts an episode that is all about their favorite video game genres: Ranging from Beat-Em-Ups, Brawlers, RPG and Fighter Games. Special Guests Andrew Muller, Denny Von Doom and Steven Lowe!