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Make Pod.

October 23rd, 2014    

Two J’s Later Episode 29

Jay and Josh rap about Jay's new vaporizer, the art of the pod, zombie walks and some other stuff I think.

A Jedi Ras cut.






October 23rd, 2014    

Media Junk Food Podcast Episode 20

Da Nerdette and Mistress of Evil are at it again. Look out, David Duchovny!




October 14th, 2014    

Media Junk Food Podcast Episode 19

 Da Nerdette is joined by Special Guest, Shanna Gilkeson, Star Trek enthusiast, Scholar, and The Addams Family lover! We discuss the Ideology of fan-dim, Star Trek conventions of the early 1990s and, Shanna and Sheryl's love for Star Trek.



October 9th, 2014    

Hybrid Interests Ep.31-Mark Stokes , Zombie Boy

In this episode, i was contacted by Mark Stokes, creator of Zombie Boy Comics.  Mark has a Kickstarter for his Zombie Boy Comic.  Its called Zombie Boy Comics Volume ! - Some Kind of Horrible and we had a fun chat about the book, Mark's creative process and a little background about Zombie Boy.  

Check out his Kickstarter project and support!

October 7th, 2014    

Two J’s Later Episode 28

Jay and Josh shooting the breeze on The Flash, Arrow, Mary Jane, Travel and Ramen Noodles. Yep.

A Jedi Ras cut.